How to Care for Your High Fashion Jewelry

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All high fashion jewelry tarnishes due to body sweat which contains acid. This is why it is so important to clean high fashion jewelry often, especially when it is hot and humid and worn against the skin.

Look for bottles or jars of jewelry cleaners that specifically say they are safe for high fashion jewelry. Our favorite is Sunshine Professional Jewelry Cleaner. It is available on our site. Not only does it clean our jewelry wonderfully but it also cleans your REAL jewelry.

Read the label to be sure the jewelry cleaner doesn’t contain ammonia, vinegar, acid or alcohol. These substances can be too harsh for delicate materials. If your piece contains pearls or stones, be sure the cleaner indicates it is safe for them.

Buy a small, extra-soft toothbrush to clean your jewelry.

A jewelry or very soft cloth can be used to wipe and polish your jewelry. However, this will not remove sweat. Hard or excessive use can damage the plating.

Always air dry your jewelry after washing and rinsing. Moisture can damage surfaces and cause them to rust or become pitted.

Keep your jewelry away from dust which can damage the stones.

Once jewelry has tarnished it cannot be restored to it’s original state.

Store your jewelry in a dry place. Jewelry should be stored separately to prevent damage. Storing jewelry in plastic bags will help resist moisture. Wrap loosely and store in boxes, drawers, or plastic containers. If displayed in an open area, cover with a soft cloth that will not catch the prongs.

When storing earrings, place them on earring holders, if possible, otherwise lay them flat. Bracelets and necklaces should lie flat with stones turned upward.

Extreme heat and cold can damage your jewelry and cause stones to loosen. Changing environments may also affect your jewelry.

Your high fashion jewelry needs to be the LAST thing you put on and the FIRST thing you remove. Keeping this practice will lessen wear and tear on your jewelry.

Do not spray perfumes or hairsprays after you’ve put on your high fashion jewelry. These will alter the finish and possibly change the color.

Do not wear lotion around your neck or wrists when wearing high fashion jewelry. It could ruin the finish on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Remove rings prior to hand washing for longer-lasting wear.

Never wear your jewelry while bathing, showering or swimming.

Know that by following these simple steps, you will have many happy years with your high fashion jewelry.

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